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In this episode, Garret Zanders interviews Terry Royce who walked away from his stable 9-5 Job to bartend and manage a resturant. When he got sick and tired of that he just woke up and decided to flip a house! As you can imagine, every thought he was crazy and YUP you’re right! BUT… because he took the leap of faith he now has the time freedom to do what he wants and when he wants. Listen to his story of going from 9-5 secure job, to bartending, to now flipping houses. Enjoy.


Who is Terry Royce?

Terry walked away from his ”stable” 9-5 job at the beginning of the recession to bartend and manage restaurants full-time. He always had an interest in real estate and decided to start to pursue it. He went to a For Sale By Owner house to practice his new negotiating skills, made his first offer… and was immediately rejected by the seller. He continued to try to gain traction by learning more about flipping houses, renovating properties, and buying rentals. However, that same seller called him back and asked if he was till interested in his home. Long story short, they signed a contract, 36 hours later he flipped it to another investor, and made over $18,000 NET.


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