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RESL 066: Good Artist Copy, Great Artist Steal! How I Stole From Gary Vaynerchuk’s In 2008

Episode Overview:

In this episode, Jeff Coga shares his reasons for why good artists copy and great artists steal. Tune in to hear what Jeff knocked off from Gary Vaynerchuk that actually helped grow his own business.


  • 00:27 – Introduction to the episode
  • 00:49 – Who is Gary Vaynerchuck?
  • 01:10 – What I stole from Gary Vaynerchuck?
  • 01:24 – Gary’s video – A rant from the heart, hip and head

  • 02:27 – Jeff’s video – The ‘Thank You’ Investor

  • 05:22 – Jeff’s video – 2013 NY Resolution and Why You Have a Moral Obligation To Protect Investors

  • 07:23 –  A potential investor wanted to turn her $250K investment to 2 millions dollars in 11 years
  • 22:05 – Gary’s video – Your Personal Brand is Exposed

  • 24:52 – Jeff’s Video – How Securitized Mortgage Loans Affect Short Sale Negotiation

  • 27:44 – RESL Episode 055 – Click here
  • 28:13 – Ideas for your business you can execute
  • 32:10 – – How websites used to look

Lab Resources:

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