Episode Overview:

In this episode, Jeff Coga gets really personal. He admits to having a disgusting addiction and his personal struggles in fighting off this nasty habit hundreds of times. Tune in to listen to what Jeff believes to be an internal, constant battle that we all face in life and how he chooses to be a better person.



  • 00:24 – Introduction of the episode
  • 02:01 – A quote from Mark Twain

  • 03:14 – Why am I doing this?
  • 05:43 – I decided to stop smoking.
  • 08:08 – Going back why this episode is important to me
  • 08:50 – A story during the Superbowl game
  • 09:51 – I am ranting on Facebook, ‘What if…’
  • 10:33 – A lady was struggling on how to use Canva

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