Episode Overview:

In this episode Juan Pizarra explains his struggles growing up illegal and with a dad who only made $5 an hour trying to support his family of 5. Juan was very young when he saw how his dad was struggling, and he decided then that his ‘why” would be to retire his dad. So Juan did what we all were suppose to do, he graduated and went to college. But he always had a burning desire for more, when he finally decided to act on it, Juan dropped out of college to pursue real estate. From having his last $1 to closing his 3rd deal, Juan is well on his way to retiring his dad.


Who is Juan Pizarra?

Juan is 28 years old, was born in Mexico and brought to the U.S at age 7. Before real estate, he was doing construction straight out of high school. It was the only job he could get. At the time, he was an illegal immigrant for 20 years. Finally when he was legalized in May 2013, he dropped out of college and decided to pursue real estate.


Where to find Juan?


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