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In this episode we learn how Mike Flowers and JPaul Mills teamed up and started wholesaling just one year ago and have already quit their jobs and wholesaled over 11 properties. JPaul took major action when he first got started and started calling bandit signs in his market and that’s how he met Mike, and the rest is history. As a matter of fact that’s a great way for some people to get started, call other bandit signs and meet people that are already doing this business. These guys also mention, craigslist and how they made their first $10,000 from a lead off of craigslist, they show that it doesn’t take a lot of money to make money. Fast forward to today and these guys are outsourcing certain day to day tasks, they are systematizing their business and are well on their way to building a big business in Florida.


Who are Mike and JPaul?

Mike and Jpaul started wholesaling in July of 2014, and did 11 deals in the end of last year. This year they are slated to do 40 deals. They purchased their first property with owner financing recently and will be getting a rehab started in the very near future. They are good at marketing, consistency, follow up, and automating.


Where to find JPaul and Mike?


How to use bandit signs for real estate wholesaling


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