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Tina Louise Sanchez found herself buying a new home and stumbling across a new career in Real Estate after not getting the proper assistance needed to find her new home. After experiencing the ups and downs as a buyer she wanted to give her clients a better experience when purchasing there new home. Tina was given the chance to join the #2 sales team in all of CA and Hawaii which gave her the tools and knowledge she needed to become the Rockstar Agent she is today! Being new to real estate and being apart of over 100 transactions her first year in the business, serving as a project manager, overseeing rehab projects and coordinating rehabs and marketing efforts she soon found it time to put her skills to use in building her own team. Tina sold over 20 homes her first year in the business and is now on her way to a record year having closed over 11 homes so far for 2015 with more in the pipeline. With Tina’s unique background, can do attitude, and personable style TLS is capturing the loyalty and admiration of her clients throughout Southern California while treating them like family during the entire process!


Who is Tina Louise Sanchez?

Tina entered the real estate business by an unusual route. She was a young woman trying to purchase a home with her husband-to-be. But the agent she chose was less than helpful, and Tina found herself doing much of the work herself.

After several frustrating months and more than a dozen rejected offers, Tina decided to take things into her own hands. She found a home she liked online and called the agent directly. “What is it going to take for me to be the owner of this home?” she asked him.

Needless to say, the agent was surprised. “No one has ever asked me that!” he told her. They ended up negotiating a sale, and Tina became a proud homeowner.

The agent is an owner and broker of a firm, which just happens to be the number two sales team in all of California and Hawaii. He was so impressed with Tina’s boldness and initiative that he offered her a job.  Soon she was serving as his project manager, overseeing property flips and coordinating rehab and marketing efforts.

In her first year Tina was involved with over 100 transactions. She worked with distressed homeowners, searched out profitable leads online, and monitored Trustee’s sales at the county courthouses. This immersion in the fast-paced world of real estate investing whetted Tina’s appetite. She realized she had a talent for it, and decided to get her sales license.

In 2014 Tina entered the traditional real estate field as a Realtor, and helped twenty families buy or sell homes.  Her early experience as a buyer never left her. In fact, it shapes the way she treats her own clients. She strives to give them the quality of service she wishes she had received. “I treat all my clients like my family” she says. “I want to make sure they get the highest level of service and have a good experience.”

With her unique background, can-do attitude, and personable style, Tina Louise Sanchez is capturing the loyalty and admiration of clients throughout Southern California.


Where to find Tina?


Saiza Family Testimonial – Tina Louise Sanchez Real Estate Agent


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