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In this episode Nasar tells us how he lost money on a deal many years ago, he thought flipping houses was just like he saw on TV so he bought a house to rehab. But this was right at the beginning of the economic collapse, and the value of the house he bought tanked. Nasar was able to get out of this bad deal, only losing a little money but learning multiple lessons. Fast forward a few years Nasar was stuck working a corporate job but still wanted to do real estate. After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad he decided to begin studying more before he got himself in a bad situation again. Nasar found a mentor, started driving for dollars, and after 8 months of working real estate he was able to land a wholesale deal. Listen how he was able to keep his marketing budget low, but stayed consistent and persistent and made it happen. Nasar now no longer has a corporate job, he flips properties consistently and is even beginning to teach people how to do it. He is The Real Estate Doru, not a guru, Doru because he actually does this business.


Who is Nasar El-Arabi?

Nasar is a corporate failure who has been investing in real estate since 2007. Nasar discovered Creative Real estate in 2010 after reading Rich dad poor dad. Since then he has created multiple streams of income via real estate.


Where to find Nasar?

How To Make Quick Money?


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