Episode Overview:

In this episode you’ll learn how a drug dealer, Todd Toback, became a 7-Figure Wholesaler.  Listen how Todd explains the tricks and strategies they are currently using now in their business.


Who is Todd Toback?

Todd Toback is originally from Long Island, NY. In 2000 He drove out to San Diego, CA with $300.00 in his pocket with the dream of living an amazing style.  Stumbling his way through corporate America, he scratched and clawed his way to his first deal.  Today, he owns Get It Done House Buyers Inc, a company that wholesales 10-20 houses a month.  He enjoys being the visionary of his company and letting much smarter people handling the day to day operations.


Where to find Todd?


Todd’s Website Video : http://nolimitsrealestateinvesting.com/


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