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In this episode you will hear how Erik lives in New York and doesn’t even work in his market! He rehabs and wholesales virtually now but it wasn’t always like that. Erik started out in this business without a car, so he would walk for dollars! You will hear how Erik persevered for a full year before he got his first deal, and how his first three deals fell through. Erik is so involved in real estate now he is a list broker selling lists of motivated sellers to other investors. Listen how Erik changed his business around, and how if he can do it, so can you!


Who is Erik Torrente?

Erik Torrente is a native new yorker who got his start in real estate through virtual wholesaling. He has been wholesaling fulltime since 2011 and is now active in several markets nationwide. He runs a list company at flipthisrealestatelist.com where he creates unique real estate buyer and seller lists for investors. These lists include probate, divorce, evictions,tax default, tax liens, vacant houses and more.. He also runs a podcast where he interviews and masterminds with top investors throughout the country at flipsidemastermind.com.


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