Episode Overview:

In this episode Justin tells us his real estate entrepreneurial journey, how he decided to quit his job and became a full time wholesaler. He shares the struggles and challenges new real estate investors faces and reveals effective ways how he generate leads.


Who is Justin Patterson?

Justin had a burning inside just like most of us entrepreneurs, he knew what he was currently doing wasn’t what he was suppose to be doing. He was an electrician and where he lived most people got a job, and worked till they died. He decided that wasn’t for him.

After reading and studying and paying for a few courses he went for it. Even with two kids in diapers, he decided the time was now. He first started working on his real estate business while he was working as an electrician. Eventually he decided, he had enough and he took on real estate full time. Fast forward to today and he has done over 100 wholesale deals, including over 45 last year alone.

Justin is very much into his church and family and continuing building his business now. In just 2 short years since he quit, he has never been happier. He strictly focuses on wholesaling and gets most of his leads from direct mail.


Where to find Justin?


How to Sell House FAST!


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