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In this episode of Real Estate Strategy Lab, Jeff Coga and Jason Jerzewski discuss how they made $12,512.35 on one real estate investment.  They also go into detail on their new book called Flipping Houses to Wall Street.  You can download the book at http://www.flippinghousestowallstreet.com

Jason also has a big announcement about where he is moving to, and much much more.


In this session, Jeff and Jason chat about (detailed):

  • 1:16  – 2013 first Podcast and what we are excited for..
  • 1:52 – Super cool reviews on our iTunes review (check it out here).
  • 6:31 – If you’re an agent with NO INVENTORY, this is what you can do.
  • 7:25 – Is HUD properties are trending up?
  • 9:15 – Jeff’s strange way to talk to clients.
  • 10:32 – Review of last weeks Podcast and the “Lab Test Results
  • 11:19 – Why we TEST everything from Podcast Episode 11
  • 13:11 – Story about another investor who is following what we are doing and using video marketing.
  • 15:75 – Why cutting expenses in your business is dumb and you should focus on revenue.
  • 16:11 – What are the 2 options of increasing your bottom line in your “Flip Business”.
  • 17:02 – How Jeff looked at Capital Redevelopment Group’s business and asked different questions.
  • 18:11 – How we went to Canton Fair in China to bring in material for our construction cost (click here for more info).
  • 20:02 – Flipping Houses To Wall Street – and the book we just launched.
  • 22: 11 – Why we found a niche buyer who has unlimited money to buy properties.
  • 23:42 – What is “Rental Backed Securities” – and how does it affect me?
  • 26:01 – The type of yield that hedge funds are looking for.
  • 28:19 – If this strategy of Flipping Houses To Wall Street is SOOOO good, why are you releasing the book?
  • 31:15 – Update – Why Jason is traveling to Louisiana and How Jeff will exploit him.
  • 33:02 – Why “smaller towns” – has a lower entry to get into a deal.
  • 34:11 – Is the Grass ALWAYS Greener on the other-side?
  • 36:00 – How we “tested” a campaign in Louisiana and started to already generate leads.
  • 38:18 – How Jason is moving to a brokerage that accepts virtual office – so he can have the “time freedom”.
  • 40:12 – UPDATE ON: $5,000 in 30 days with a shoe string budget of $500.
  • 43:32 – How Jason did his FIRST FLIP and did $12,512.35 in 90 days! Here’s the proof! (Listen to episode #1 of what happened)


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