Episode Overview:

In this episode of Real Estate Strategy Lab, Jeff goes into the leveraging your unique abilities as a real estate investor. He then goes into the story of doing the less of what he hates and making more. This episode is a long one but well worth it. Jeff then covers a test he requires everyone on your team to take.

  • Test #1: Take the Kolbe Test – we use this test to pre-screen all team members, coaching clients, and EVERYONE we work with. This test gives us a competitive advantage to manage people who are truly passionate of what they do.
  • Test#2: Myer-Briggs. Click Here to take the test. If you need a deeper explanation, get the answer here.
  • Grab your free lead generation book. No opt-in required. Click Here.
  • Market Update: Jeff references an article by Dr. Housing Bubble. – “Move Inland or Leverage Your Life”
  • Case Study – Tale of The Two Wholesale Deals! Click here for over 90 minutes of training.


Tools and Resources: We use them in our own investment company, so you should to.


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