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Hey Jeff the scientist investor here,


I want to give you one of the most powerful ways to create buzz for your open house.  I’ve used this exact same 3 step open house blitz strategy to generate high traffic to my open house and I’ve kept this as a closely guarded secret.  Why am I giving it out now? Strange as it may sound… this is my way of saying thank you and I’m hopping you’ll share this with others and spread the good karma.


Before I get into the nut’s and bolts of the 3 step open house blitz… I need to give you a little back ground on how this little strategy came about…


Here’s the back story: It all started with a rehab that I like to call “Project Nightingale.”

(Click And Watch the Before and After Video)

If you’re an investor and/or if you have ever worked with a real estate investor you’ll hear them say things like “I’m focused on velocity of money, I need to sell this flip fast!”


Why is that so?  As an investor we are always looking at the numbers.  These numbers will always tell a story on how much profit we can make per “Flip” and the profit will be dictated by something called Velocity of Money.


“What Does Velocity of Money Mean?”


“Velocity of Money is important for measuring the rate at which money in circulation is used for purchasing goods and services. In other words, for “House Flippers” –  it is the time frame from when the investor acquired the property until they “flipped out”.  Money responds to SPEED. ”


Velocity of Money = “How many time an investor can flip its money”, this is one of the #1 reason why any investors and/or real estate agents working with an investor should implement this 3 step open house blitz immediately into there business.  How does this work? You get more eye balls looking at your property then anyone else and at one time.  To make this all work – you need to time the listing with your construction time and then do a full on marketing blitz during the 1st week of your listing which is considered to be the hottest time of any listing.


Now, before I tell you the nuts and bolts mechanics of how it’s done… let me finish the story about Project Nightingale.


Project Nightingale fell behind our anticipated flip out schedule because of the construction time. We had “one those contractors”. The type that we had to fire and replace him with another one – it was ugly. This forced me turn to my resources since I wanted to find a way to make up the lost time. This is where the 3 step open house blitz came about. It all started when  I asked my head director of acquisition, Edwin on what he thought was the BEST strategy to sell a house quickly (this is the power of a mastermind group/team).


Here’s how the conversation went down…


  • Me: Dude, what’s the fastest way to sell a damn house?
  • Edwin: Why don’t you just email them?
  • Me: Ummm… sounds kinda dumb but email who?
  • Edwin: You’ll figure most real estate agents are one legged.  They are good at getting listings or working with a buyer.  Most can’t do both.
  • Me: Uh huh… I know that (I say it in a condescending way)
  • Edwin: Now where are all the data kept for real estate agents who sold a property near Project Nightingale?
  • Me: Oh Sh*t the MLS


Since this last conversation we had months ago… we have perfected the 3 step open house blitz system.  Now we have open rates 500%+ the national open rates in the real estate industry (national average in the real estate business is 13.5% according to mailermail.com). Take a look at the statistics below from one of our campaigns from the 3 Step Open House Blitz. 




So here’s the “email swipe” from the campaign above.  You can just steal, copy, plagiarize and send it to your real estate database today.



I highly recommend that you use this email technique with email merge.  If you look at the screen shot above you’ll see things like “Hi %First Name%%” – this is where you’ll set up a email merge. So if you are emailing a client named “John” it will show up as “Hi John,”.


Pretty easy stuff right?  Remember the key here is to keep it conversational, interesting stuff from you…


Also… If you’re a real estate agent – it DOESN”T have to be your listing at all.  In fact you can use this as an opportunity to build rapport with another agent by helping them promote their open house…


If you don’t know what email service provider to use – I would highly suggest you use


This is just STEP1 of 3 in the 3 Step Open House Blitz, if you want to learn the other steps… leave me a comment and share this blog post with your friends.  


Live Free,

Jeff Coga


P.S. – Once I get at least 7 comments asking me a questions and/or saying “YES, Jeff tell me the other steps”, I’ll do another follow up blog – giving you the other steps, fair enough? 🙂


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