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Hey Jeff Coga here,

At Real Estate Strategy Lab, we like to always talk about the most cutting edge marketing strategies but Jason and I had a conversation few days ago about our moral obligation to our Podcast and email subscribers.  We began to go deep into the conversation of what can we do to really help folks understand lead generation marketing and what it takes.  As we went back and forth we came to a conclusion that we have a moral obligation to our listener to expose the “B.S.” in the internet world and to really share strategies that works in todays market.

So… drum roll please….

This is our 1st edition of Real Estate Strategy Labs – Lab Test.  In this test case we are examining a product called “Internet Real Estate Tycoon” created by  Matt Andrews who we interviewed on our Podcast.

I just made a quick video putting the Internet Real Estate Tycoon program to the test.  I figured I pick one strategy that personally intrigued me.  This strategy or module I picked all has to do with YouTube.com real estate lead generation.   Check out this video below and see what I mean. You’ll even see a video clip of how I got one video ranked on the 1st page of Google in less than 30 days.

Over View Of Video

Why are we putting the Internet Real Estate Tycoon Lab Test (0:25)?

  • I quickly explain why we decided to put the Internet Real Estate Tycoon to the Lab Test.
  • Mini-Overview of “How the real money is made in real estate”.
  • Why understanding internet real estate lead generation will give you a competitive advantage.

What you really get in the Internet Real Estate Tycoon (2:57)

  • See under the engine of Internet Real Estate Tycoon and what are some of the modules that are covered in the program.
  • Overview of which module we are “Lab Testing”.
  • BONUS: We cover the additional bonuses you get from this program.
Live case study and results of applying module 4 concepts (4:39)
  • Keyword test that gave us NO result and another test that gave us mediocre results.
  • Explanation on why I can’t show you which key words I’m using in Los Angeles county.
  • How we got to page 1 on Google in less than 30 days!
Over view of Steps in Module 4 And Where To FOCUS (6:56)
  • Detailed overview of Internet Real Estate Tycoon and what area is the MOST important.
  • A sneak peek into how I got one of my videos ranked #1 on Google in less than 30 days.
  • How a $7 investment can help you dominate your local market


  • How to get professional custom and royalty free images that you can use in your power point  presentation, video marketing, flyers, websites, and anything you can think of. For more information, visit the link below and run a quick search on an image you need.
  • How to get graphics, marketing, video productions and edits for $5.  Learn how to outsource tasks for less than a cup of coffee a day.
  • If you are looking for a professional video magician who can turn any video or even photos in to a powerful marketing assets (example) you can get hold of Jonathan Lopez with Foul Productions.
    • Email him at: foulproducations@yahoo.com
  • Get Internet Real Estate Tycoon
 Jeff Coga’s Key Notes and Extra’s

My honest opinion on this product is… “it’s NOT for everyone”.  This product is for a specific real estate professional since this focuses so much on just ONLINE real estate lead generation.  It DOES NOT cover what to do when you actually generate the leads or even what to do if you go out on the appointments with the seller.With that said – this program doesn’t mean, it can’t be for complete newbies.  Someone new in the business can just master these techniques and simply work with a seasoned investor to partner up (personally I think that’s brilliant).This program can be used for even advance people. I for one learned something new and immediately started using the strategies in module 4.  The proof is in the pudding since I did get a video ranked on page 1 of Google in less than 30 days.  That alone has now expanded my mind on other ways to use these same key principals and I have decided to use these YouTube seller and buyer lead generation strategy to generate “private money” as well (tha’s for another Lab Test Blog 🙂 ).   That’s it for now.Again – You can get it now or later.  The choice is always up to you.

Leave a comment below to let me how you used Internet Real Estate Tycoon in your real estate business.
Live Free,
Jeff Coga

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