Have You Ever Said ...I Need More Leads For My Business?
By Jeff Coga
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If you got to this page and are reading this right now…

You’ll agree that there’s a huge untapped market of potential clients that are desperately in need of your service, right? 


For some odd reason, these potential clients aren’t coming to you in numbers you want and deserve.

What’s the implication?

It’s a BIG one. I’ve been in this scenario before and it feels like someone threw a heavy wet blanket at you. For me, it was some pretty serious emotional anxiety and financial anxiety, too.

There’s so much information in today’s world and we begin to feel that it’s a moving target. These pieces are like putting a puzzle together without seeing the ‘full picture.’ You feel and think you’re doing it right but you’re not exactly sure what’s my return on investment (R.O.I.). Not just in ‘monetary’ form but in enjoyment/quality of life. You didn’t get into business to feel this and… 

You start considering the ideas and questions that run in your mind, such as:

"Is this the right business for me?"

"If only if more people knew about me!"

"How are my competitors getting leads?"

"If I can only duplicate my best clients or lead source!"

Don’t worry. I was in the same shoes until…

I remembered a quote: "Small hinges – swing BIG doors"

And…that’s 100% correct. You’re just a few simple strategic tweaks away from a tidal wave of leads that turns into clients you can serve.

Before we get into the ‘solution’, let’s first make sure that you have a solid, fundamental understanding of marketing. Without this fundamental understanding, it’s like building a castle on sand.

You and I know – what happens when we build a castle on sand. It sinks.

Let’s get to the fundamentals.

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3 Ways To Get More Leads That You Desire

1. STOP doing ‘Hope Marketing!’

When it comes to business and especially my potential clients, I NEVER hope they come to me. They just do. Why? It’s simple…I engineer them to come.


Hope is defined in the dictionary as: The feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best. 

Nowhere does it say, it will work or your odds will become better. Hope is a ‘feeling’ that an event will turn out for the best. Me personally? I don’t like it. Hope in business, is expensive and it will cost you time, money, headache, and heartache.  Ask me how I know that!

Instead, you have to engineer your success and have leads come to you like tidal waves. Here’s how…

- Define exactly who you want to go after. No it’s not simple as ‘I want people who buy houses’ or ‘I want homeowners’.

Driving qualified leads through a well structured, organized, and strategized sales funnel.

- Positioning and building your ‘trusted celebrity authority status’ as the industry expert using emails, videos and webinars so they only want to work with you.

- Building a strong intimate bond with your prospect, converting them into raving fans, through follow-up emails. They may not be ready to do business with you now, but when they are ready… they’ll magnetically connect with YOU. 

2. STOP trying to serve everyone! 

It is IMPERATIVE to concentrate your efforts (aka focus your time/energy) on the right people in your right market.

Just because someone has a ‘pulse’, it doesn’t mean they are ready to work with you.

Just because someone is in your market, it doesn’t mean they will sell a property or buy a property today.

So…how do you figure out ‘who is who’?

This process is called “Market Segmentation.” Market segmentation allows you to identify and further define the right target clients. For this simple exercise – just know that…

You can ‘segment’ ANY market into 4 different ‘segments’ and give them these scores.

Grade D: The “What Problem?” People

These people honestly don’t know any better. They don’t even know that they have a problem. Can’t sell them a service or product if they don’t know they have it. In my humble opinion, it’s not worth all the time and energy. Usually these people are the most ‘ungrateful’. Why? Again – they don’t know they have a problem. Next.

Grade C: The “I Can Handle My Own Problem” People

These people are sometimes referred to as… lukewarm, tire-kickers, lookie loo etc. Bottom line is, they aren’t motivated enough yet to invest a lot of time or money into your solution. These people will either 1). Solve the problem by themselves, eventually or 2). It’ll get sooooo bad that they come off the fence and do something about it.

Grade B: The “I’m Searching For Answers” People

These people know something’s wrong. They know they have a problem, and they’re searching for answers. This search leads them to do their due diligence to find the solution. They typically will be googling solutions online. Reading books, handing out on forums, going to their so called ‘expert friends’, turning for referrals in their sphere of influence, etc… they are consuming solutions.

Grade A: The “I Need You To Come Save Me NOW!” People

These people have major freaking problem, and they’re dying inside. They know it and it’s painful. They need real solutions and they need help. They wanted the solution yesterday.

You just need to offer them an extended hand today.

Once you understand that every market can be segmented into these 4 grades, your goal is to ‘FIND GRADE A AND GRADE B’ people! These people are your HUNGRY prospects in your market.

Find out much as you can about these people.

1). What are they searching online?

2). What else have they tried?

3). Which sites are they going to?

4). Who are they turning to?

Remember, not all leads are equal… and you should not try to acquire them in the same way.

THIS is the starting point. THIS is gathering competitive intelligence and competitive analysis.

3. STOP becoming commoditized! 

What most people don’t understand about market conditions is this…

The market will do – what the market wants to do. Meaning, 99% of all your competitors competing in your marketplace are all doing the same thing.

Here’s a list for Real Estate Agents

  • Decreasing commissions to compete with each other.
  • Agreeing with sellers the home will list above market value, ‘just to get a listing’.
  • Business card has “I help people buy and sell real estate’

Here’s a list for Real Estate Investors

  • We buy houses cash. 
  • Send me fixers. 
  • Slogan is “Buy Fix and Flip’ 

You see? Nothing will make you ‘stick out’ from the crowd and you become an echo vs being heard.

This surface level strategy can work but you’ll work 10x harder.

If you defy to be different, which I think you are since you’re reading this still. 🙂

The EASIEST way to do it is…develop a REAL marketing strategy behind your business.

Zig when everyone is zagging.

If you’re still frustrated with how slow your business is growing, we just launched a training program called  THE LAB.

In THE LAB I cover the exact strategies I’m using in my own businesses to generate qualified seller and buyer leads on demand.

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Live More, Be More, Give More!



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