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Hey Jeff the Scientist Investor here.

Can you believe that we have 1 more week left before we enter the 4th quarter of 2012?

And guess what… I’m super excited. Why am I so excited?

Seasonally as investors we are entering into one of the busiest quarter for us (slow for realtors but if you work with the right investment team you’ll be busy!). Most investors and most folks in the real estate professions stop working in the next few weeks. That allows us to really snag up tons of deals. Last few year we have bought and sold more properties in this quarter than any other quarters.

Why is that so? I had the same question several years ago and I asked around in my network of folks I know and 1 Really Smart Investor said…

“The banks wants to get keep their losses on this side of the calendar year”

And the Really Smart Investor went on to even say…

Conversation from 2008 w/ a Really Smart Investor

Really Smart Investor: “Jeff, every one knows that RE market slows down in the winter. This is the reason why most banks will mark down the bad assets in the 4th quarter”
Me: “Ummm… What’s mark down?”
Really Smart Investor: “You don’t know about the accounting rule change that just happened? And the difference of accounting rule for an asset such as how the Mark-to-model vs. mark-to-market can affect our real estate industry?
Me: “Ummm… I have no idea what you’re talking about….”

Then the Really Smart Investor went on explaining this “accounting rule change concept” to me for 1 to 2 hours. Afterwards I went on the internet to search for more information… Here’s the video from 2008 that opened my eyes to what “really happened”.

So why the long explanation of this accounting rule change and how the different ways of accounting for an asset such as mark-to-model vs. mark-to-market affect the RE market?

In the 4th quarter the banks will likely MARK DOWN or want to keep the “losses” in 2012 in the 4th quarter. Meaning the banks would NOT want to spill over the losses to 2013. This will force some assets to go on fire sale and YOU will be able to take advantage of this. If you know how to look for these deals…

This is the reason why I’m writing this blog and why I’m releasing our Swipe File.

What does Swipe File mean?

Rather than write your own copy(sales pitch), you check out various websites in the same niche you are looking at, read the copy (details) on their website and “swipe” ideas – ie you take what you consider to be their best bits and either re-write or send him ideas of what you want…

Before I show you the “mechanics” of how to apply this Swipe File. Let me show you some statistics. Below is the spread sheet of the email campaigns I have ran from this year and how many flips, # of open emails, Open Rates, # of Response, # of response rate, Click Through Rate, and etc. Click Below.

When you open this chart you’ll notice that some campaigns have much “higher” flip ratios. These are any deals we have either bought personally and/or we wholesaled. The swipe copy I am about to give you came from these campaigns.

You just simply send emails to real estate agents. 🙂

This stuff flat out works. So just start using it…

Yeah I know, stupid simple right? Here’s the thing though, it works LIKE CRAZY!

Another great tip for this one is to post this “same type” of message socially…like on your facebook fan page, twitter etc.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the response you get!

The statistics I have is about 1 out of every 4 emails I send will get an email response.

Make sure you control your email volume or you’ll end up flooded with emails. (see below)

Good Luck and Happy Hunting.

Jeff Coga

P.S. If you want to learn where I got these techniques from –click here for our training.


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