The RESL Podcast Stats- 20  Days After The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast Launched

Hey Jeff Coga here,

I’ve decided to create this blog series called “The RESL Podcast Statistics”  for our Real Estate Strategy Lab family because  I want to give y’all some hard numbers on what Jason and I have done in the last 20 days since the launch of this Podcast on October 02, 2012.

Why Am I Doing This?

I have a couple of reasons why I’m doing this… so let me just list them below…

  1. To thank each and everyone of y’all who have been supporting us by giving us positive feed back on iTunes. We now have 20 – 5 stars rating and 17 comments!
  2. Show you how we’re creating “social equity” in the internet world and how we’re going to use this equity to create passive income.
  3. To show y’all that it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to apply new marketing methods or media (aka creating a Podcast)
  4. For anyone who wants to start their own Podcast – what the “realistic” numbers are.
  5. To engage our listeners to give us feed back, so we can better serve y’all.

So lets get started shall we?

We Made It To #2 on  iTunes New and Noteworthy In the Business Section!

With the support of our listeners (you!), we made it to #2 on the New and Noteworthy on iTunes business section! This has really pushed our Podcast and helped us with higher exposure. Thank you, again 🙂

Download Statistics:

Since our “official launch” we have had over 2,278 downloads (take a look below)!

Again – thank you for the supporters who have been following our Podcast – we appreciate each and every one of y’all!


Let’s look at which episodes people are downloading…

Here’s the links to the other Podcast

  1. Episode 1: Earn $5,000 in 30 Days with a $500 Budget
  2. Episode 2: Mindset and R.E. Lead Generation w/ Yellow Letters and LinkedIn
  3. Episode 3: Buying and Selling HUD Owned Homes and Secret Ways to Fund Your Deals
  4. Episode 4: Facebook and Google Change the Game Again! How Real Estate Investors and Agents can keep up!

RESL Notes: We see almost a 289 download difference from Episode #1 VS Episode #2. That’s 31% of the total downloads come from Episode #1 to 18% of the total downloads from Episode #2.

We can’t seem to pin point why we have such a big delta difference but maybe y’all can help us out? Please leave us a comment with your thoughts.

Let’s take a look at where these downloads are coming from…

RESL Notes: I’m very humbled by people outside of the United States that downloaded our Podcast BUT I don’t see how this Podcast will bring value to the folks in like Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, etc.  For the purpose of calculating “real numbers” we will use 2,159 downloads for the United States ONLY.

 I still want to thank y’all that are not in the United States for supporting our show![/content_box_light_green]

Top 10 Download Distribution in U.S. Markets

RESL Notes: I don’t know why the #1 market download of 451 is “blank”. We asked customer support on (our host service).  I’m also surprised that New York’ers are beating the Los Angelino’s downloads.  Any New York’ers who are listing to this Podcast – please connect with us, I would love to hear your feed back!

Google Analytic – How Many Viewers We Get On

RESL Notes: We have total of 268 visitors. These numbers may not seem big but we did just get started and please keep in mind we have not used any PAID traffic like P.P.C., etc 🙂

Number of Opt-ins

RESL Notes: We have a total of 13 opt-in 20 days. Our emails are set up on a 30 day auto responder campaigns to teach folks how to dominate their local real estate market.

Affiliate Marketing  (What is affiliate marketing?)

We have decided to ONLY promote products and services we have used in our business. The following is a list of products we promote on our Podcast and this blog.  As an affiliate for these products – we do get compensated if you purchase any of the products we promote.  If you do order from our links – feel free to ask us any questions at info(at) – so we can help you in any way possible.

Below is the list of Products we have up on our site at this moment:

 Split Testing

We always recommend everyone to split test everything.  Testing is a MUST in any business and currently we are split testing our opt-in forms on our site (we do what we preach!).

Side Bar Opt-In Split Test

So far Test A is beating Test B because we just started the Test B.  As you can see we just made a “slight change” on the phrasing of the headline.  We’ll leave this for a few weeks to see which one will convert better.

End of Blog Post Opt-In Split Test

I’m a huge advocate of split testing and the tool that we use is Optin Skin that allows us to literally put split testing on auto-pilot. Take a look below.

If you have a blog on WordPress – I highly recommend for y’all to use Optin Skin and split test everything.

That’s it for now…

We’ll give you an update in the next few weeks.  Please make sure to tune in on iTunes and make sure to leave us a comment below!

Live Free,

Jeff Coga

P.S. Here’s how we learned how to create a Podcast. Click HERE to learn how to Podcast like a Pro!

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