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CASE STUDY: How We Generated 123 Inbound Calls in 3-Hours and Got 6 Listings Appointments.

Video Overview:

In this episode, Jeff discussed all about prospecting and shared what they do every Wednesday.


  • 00:10 – Welcome to the show
  • 00:50 – Call us if you have questions 424-245-COGA (2642)
  • 01:53 – What do Jeff’s do?
  • 02:47 – What we do every Wednesday
  • 08:04 – 2 edges you need to leverage to win
  • 11:13 – Listening to Our First Inbound Calls the “Cocaine Seller”
  • 14:34 – Why do you think this list works well?
  • 17:45 – What happened to California’s market place
  •  22:23 – Low Profile Selling – Tom Hopkins
  • 22:47 – The Porcupine Technique
  • 28:00 – Sellers sells on logic, buyer buys on emotion
  • 37:58 – What Interest Rates Does To The Real Estate Market

Lab Resources:

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