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The Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast Stats- 30  Days After The Real Estate Podcast Launched

Hey Jeff Coga here,

Before we get into what happened to Real Estate Strategy Lab in the first 30 days from launching.  Can you help me out?  We want to know what you think so please take this survey to give us feed back.  It’s all anonymous so no one will throw an egg at you… even if you say we suck. 🙂


Can you believe it’s been 30 days since we launched Real Estate Strategy Lab? It just feels like yesterday when we launched this site and its been a crazy ride.  So before we get started with the numbers a quick important disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: These figures Jason and I are releasing is considered to some as “trade secrets . Why? It’s like going to Mc Donald’s and asking for Big Macs secret sauce. No one in their right mind would give you these types of data.  We’re a little kookoo so we’re doing this. If you don’t know why we are releasing “trade secrets” – please click here and read our previous blog post.

Here’s a Quick Overview Video Message From Jason

More Data and Other Interesting Stuff (for some)

Download Statistics:

Here’s the stats from our last update – which was done 9 days ago – 10/22/2012 (click here report) we have had over 2,278 downloads (take a look below)!

Fast-forward to now… Take look below…

We have OVER 4239 downloads in 9 days from our last report (click here to previous stats).  Folks that is 1961 downloads in 9 days with an all time high download on October 25th  (Thursday), 2012 when we had 295 downloads in 1 day! FYI: Please keep in mind we have not done ANY “big baller marketing” other than blogs, FB, LinkedIn. When Jason told me about the stats the convo went something like this…

  • Jason: “We hit record day in downloads today”
  • Jeff: “How many?”
  • Jason: “295 downloads”
  • Jeff: Dammmmmn”
  • Jason: “And can you believe people have listened to us for over 3500 hours+”
  • Jeff: “Oh F*ck, now I feel kinda weird”

Why did I feel kinda weird? I’m kinda embarrassed to say this but… English is my second language I learned so I’m self conscious about how I articulate. My doctor told me I have spellism and grameritist in my speech – whatever that means.

Now moving on…

Again – thank you for the supporters who have been following our Podcast – we appreciate each and every one of y’all!

Let’s look at which episodes people are downloading…

On the last update we had the stats below (if image is small just click on it)

As you can see from above… I noticed that we had a 289 download difference from Episode #1 VS Episode #2. That’s 31% of the total downloads come from Episode #1 to 18% of the total downloads from Episode #2. But… let’s take a look at what happened 10 days from then…

Episode 2 – in my opinion is one of the most important episode yet it is still the lowest download counts (I am not including Episode #5 because we released it on 10/30/2012).  This delta is a total of 395 downloads. That is now 17% of the total downloads VS 27% of total downloads come from Episode #1. I’m not quite sure if these stats are even important and if I’m just being too much of an Asian geek nerd looking into this too much…  Help me understand the episodes and what you think. Please take this survey and give me feed back.


Here’s the links to the other Podcast

  1. Episode 1: Earn $5,000 in 30 Days with a $500 Budget
  2. Episode 2: Mindset and R.E. Lead Generation w/ Yellow Letters and Linkedin
  3. Episode 3: Buying and Selling HUD Owned Homes and Secret Ways to Fund Your Deals
  4. Episode 4: Facebook and Google Change the Game Again! How Real Estate Investors and Agents can keep up!
  5. Episode 5: Internet Lead Generation – Bucket VS Pipeline

On our first 20 days update – it took me awhile to update the stats but just today… Jason created a spread sheet to make this much easier.  As they say… “great minds think alike”.

Take a look at the stats below. 

The data doesn’t tell you much but by next month I hope we’ll be able to start seeing trends so we can grow this Podcast.

Income From Affiliate Marketing  (What is affiliate marketing?)

Please remember that we have decided to ONLY promote products and services we have used in our business. The following is a list of products we promote on our Podcast and this blog.  As an affiliate for these products – we do get compensated if you purchase any of the products we promote.  If you do order from our links – feel free to ask us any questions at info(at)realestatestrategylab.com – so we can help you in any way possible.

Below is the list of Products we have up on our site at this moment:

Sales? So far none. This means now income yet. 🙁

Income: $0.00 (from launch date)

BUT… Jason and I are having a lot of fun doing this… and the feed back is REALLY helping us out – so thank you again (for like the bajillion time)!

 Split Testing

We have several split test going on our site but we don’t have enough quantifiable data to see who’s the winner yet… but if you’re interested on what we are split testing. Click Here.

That’s it for now…

We’ll give you an update in the next 30 Days.  Please make sure to tune in on iTunes and make sure to leave us a comment below!

Live Free,

Jeff Coga

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts and what you think of our Podcast.  Again… it’s anonymous… meaning no one will know who you are.  Thank you! 🙂


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