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We Help Real Estate Pro’s Go From The Flintstones Era to the Jetson Era, So You Can Serve More Clients, Make More Closings, and Take More Time Off.

Which sounds most like you?

“I Need More Leads”

James began attracting 25 new leads per day in 11 days, and grew his business from 1 closing every 3 months to 3 closing per month in 127 days! If you got to this page and are reading this right now... You'll agree that there’s a huge untapped market of potential clients that are desperately in need of your service, right? Yes... For…

“I Need More Closings”

David went from doing 1 closing per month to 11 closing per month after firing 80% of tire kickers! Are you an unfortunate magnet for 'marketing shenanigans' to get sellers or buyers like magic? Do you magically get attracted to 'THAT' new marketing tool, system, strategy or thingy? You know... ..the ones that seems to be working for everyone but…

“I Want More Time Off In My Business”

Susan finally built her dream business by leveraging her natural instincts and understanding the difference between tactics versus strategy! Have you ever heard or even seen other 'gurus' claim that you can actually make more by working less? I used to think that was impossible because I grew up thinking that the only way to have a successful business is to…

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“Those who stop investing in marketing to save money are like those who stop a clock to save time.”
Investor, Speaker, Best Selling Author, Consultant, Strategist
and Founder of Real Estate Strategy Lab

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Real Estate Strategy Lab Podcast are for entrepreneurs, startups, and success-minded people in the real estate industry who want to grow their business by working less, making more, and not feeling alone. This network is a community of smart business-owners coming together for the purpose of sharing tactics and strategies on what it takes to build a business of your dreams.

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Thank you for your continuous support in making this the fastest-growing real estate marketing podcast network!


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Whether you’re an aspiring investor or agent, our mission is to motivate and guide you through the wisdom and powerful stories of those who have achieved success!


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